Snowed-in baking!

So there was a pretty massive snow storm in my area this weekend. Like 30 inches of snow in under 48 hours massive.

My car is somewhere under this snow.031

I wasn’t going anywhere. So I uncorked a bottle of wine, had my fiance cue up some of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (new favorite show! Glorious 1920’s costuming, thrilling murder mysteries, and sassy strong women!), and did some baking!

The pictures aren’t great quality, ’cause there was very little light in the storm. But the first thing I made was a goat cheese tomato basil quiche. 002I found this recipe in the Joy of Cooking, and will probably make it again, except with more cheese. The recipe calls for four to six ounces, and I played it safe with just four. Next time, definitely adding all six!020

For dessert, I whipped up cream puffs. These treats are my new favorite; I had no idea how easy they are to make!008 They also paired very well with the red wine 🙂012

The morning after the storm, the sun rose on a glorious frozen world, and I had left over quiche to fuel me through a lot of shoveling!035

How do you keep busy during bad weather?




How to Make Winter Bright

It’s been unseasonably warm in my neck of the woods. Like 70 F, instead of 30 F. Weird, unnatural, and not the thing to get me in the mood for Christmas. So I decided to create my own winter wonderland to feel warm and cozy with. And you can too!

Materials:001 (2)

  1. empty glass jar
  2. paint brush
  3. acrylic paint
  4. candle


  1. Make sure your jar is squeaky clean. I wiped mine down with Windex.
  2. Paint a winter scene on the outside of the jar.002 (2)
  3. Stick a candle in it, turn off the lights, and pretend the snow is falling outside! Or that you wandered up to a winter campfire! Or that you’re going deep into the woods to find the perfect tree.lovely

Tips and suggestions:

  1. Make a few out of different sized jars to create a nice grouping.YES
  2. Pay attention to the direction and look of your brushstrokes and use them to your advantage. I kept mine going down and out from the center to make the pine tree jar.brush
  3. Paint a soft band around the lower edge of the jar to hide the candle and diffuse its warm glow.
  4. If you have a deep jar and a little candle, use a pair of tongs to help position the candle. 

So go forth and paint yourself a wonderland!

Fine! I’ll just make my own spring!

Hello there!

And a special hello to anyone out there who keeps getting snow. Now, I know I’ve been fortunate this winter. No power outages, no pipes freezing, no more than one foot of snow at a time. But it’s March. And as I hinted in my last post, I’m tired of winter. I’m especially tired because this week, there were days like this:

Snow slush road :(And this:There's usually a path in this field...At least Huck seemed to like it:Whooo's a goood boy!But I was tired of it. So I decided to make my own spring! If you’re feeling like the seasons can’t change quickly enough, maybe you can make your own spring too!

First off, I baked cupcakes! With sprinkles!064Sprinkles on top of blue buttercream frosting. And inside each cupcake?075MORE SPRINKLES!

Next, I started a paperwhite bulb. It hasn’t bloomed yet, but just a fresh green growing thing makes me smile!Spring-time tea-time!Also on the plants and flower theme, I did a quick watercolor of an iris (my favorite flower) to hang on the bulletin board right above my workstation. Now I can pretend it’s spring every time I look up!050Finally, I decided that the cupcakes were just not enough, and I made lemon-raspberry whoopie pies! I cobbled together a few different whoopie recipes, and the final result was as pretty as it was delicious!compressed pieAnd the tart and sweet and citrus flavors all together tasted just like spring! I could practically hear birds singing and flowers blooming with each nibble!

So how about you all? Anyone doing anything to get psyched for Spring?