Blue Re-do

Recently I went thrifting, looking for materials for a few upcoming events. I found what I needed, and I’ll share that later. But I also found this out-dated dress for 50 cents! I fell in love with the color, and the fact that it was made of rayon, and not some sort of poly-blend.DSCN5377

I did not fall in love with the large sleeves, unfitted waist, scalloped hem, skirt-top combo look, etc. I wasn’t even sure how I felt about the soutache braiding. But again, 50 cents.DSCN5375

I had a free morning, and started to play around. I was originally thinking of separating the top and bottom and making the skirt portion into, well, a skirt. I figured the sleeves would have enough fabric to make make a narrow waistband. But something happened once I removed the sleeves: I started to really like the top half. So I cut off the scalloped edge, and sewed the skirt on the top. DSCN5379For the back, I eliminated the button placket (I forgot to photograph the back before, but it was closed with self-fabric covered buttons) and inserted a new zipper starting around mid-back. DSCN5382I chopped off nearly a foot of fabric from the bottom of the skirt to bring it up to knee length and hemmed it by hand. I added some bust darts into the bodice to help with shaping. Finally, I managed to cut some bias tape from the discarded sleeves to bind the armholes. DSCN5384

I’m so so happy with the results! The Blue Re-do, as I’ve dubbed it, makes me smile and is very different from anything in my wardrobe. Now I just need a party or fancy shindig to wear it to!


Frankly Unseasonal

Happy Monday! We’re getting very close to the autumnal equinox , so I decided to do a refashion more suited for…Spring! Because of course I did. But I do think I’ll still get some use out of this refashion before the weather really starts to turn. good2I was inspired awhile ago by an image on pinterest of an old pair of pants upcycled into cute shorts. The exact pin seems to have disappeared, but the idea is that you cut off the legs, and use the cut-off-bit to add an insert up the side seam, so you don’t ooze out the raw edge of the shorts. I found a lovely pair of mint/aqua green pants for a dollar at a local thrift store. They were too small and didn’t fasten, so I didn’t take a before shot. But here’s a “recreation”, courtesy of MS paint:beforeAnd here’s the finished look!good3Rather then put in a hem, I scalloped the edge and finished with a ton of fray check. So far it’s holding up well, and I love the look. I’ve seen people doing street clothes versions of Disney characters, and if I were to do that, I’d definitely use these for an Ariel look!good5The hardest part of this refashion was working the side insert into the waist band. Ideally I should have cut a new waist band from the lower portion of the legs, but I was not feeling that. So on the inside, it’s a little messy, but I think it turned out alright on the outside. I also tried to mimic the double top-stitching of the original pant. My thread was a much lighter weight, but I think it blends alright.good 4So overall, a success, and I think I might just wear these out dancing tonight 🙂