Responsible Refashion: Part 2

Hey there!

In my last post, I talked about the documentary The True Cost and my decision to refashion some clothes that I bookmarked for the thrift store. I love my maxi-dress refashion, and have gotten compliments both times I’ve worn it out so far.

But I didn’t stop with the dress; I also refashioned a sweater!DSCN4347

This sweater was just…fine. I would often put it on in the morning, take a look in the mirror, and then take it off and put it back in my closet. It was a little short in the arms, and the fit was awkward: too loose to be fitted, not loose enough to be baggy-chic.

So I pinned the sides and sewed up to the shoulder seams. DSCN4349Then I cut off the sleeves and trimmed them to even rectangles. I also cut across the shoulder seams to the level of the neckline. Once everything was squared up, I sewed on the former sleeves as a waistband.DSCN4357

Now I have a cute sweater pencil skirt to wear once the weather gets chilly. I think this skirt will work very well with tights and a pair of boots 🙂