Pretty in Pots

I should be doing some serious spring cleaning. But I’m not. I have made a start on spring-cleaning my fabric stash, but got a tad overwhelmed, and so the living room is more of a mess than usual, with bits and bobs of fabric into piles that make sense to me, at least.

Instead of finishing that project, I took a look at all my plants (and I have a lot!) and decided to do some indoor gardening. I had two empty pots and two plants in desperate need of re-potting. But remember; I’m procrastinating here, so I couldn’t simply re-pot and be done with it! No! Instead, I painted the pots! And I’m in love with how they turned out!DSCN4774

I used some cheap white house paint I had around for the base coat, and then free-handed the designs with some gold acrylic paint. I looked at henna designs and some mandalas on pinterest, and did some sketching to get my hand and eye in, and then just went for it! Very fun and liberating 🙂

I re-potted my arrowhead, but I need to get some more potting soil for my aloe.  I really like how the shape of the arrowhead leaves compliment the patterns I painted!


Super Quick Earrings

Spring is here! Almost. It’s still dark when I get up for work, but now there are trills of birdsong swelling up around the dawn. It’ll only be a little bit longer now till everything is GREEN again, and butterflies dance over fields of hay studded with chicory blooms.

But I couldn’t wait for the real butterflies. So I made these!DSCN4738

They are super easy, and consist of exactly one step. Glue shiny things to earring backs. Done.DSCN4750

The shiny things in question are actually iron-on’s from the clearance bin at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I’ve never been prone to use iron-on’s when sewing, as they usually mean hand-washing ahead, but I loved these butterflies so bought them without a firm plan.

Then I realized I already had glue and earring posts, so these lovely spring earrings were born. And they only set me back about 75 cents!DSCN4739

Now I have to look around and see what else I can make to sing out “Spring!”

Stash Busting 8/15: Little Flowers

Another quick stash buster, and again with flowers!039

I made these cuties with leftover bits of wire and nail polish. Basically, shape a flower and carefully carefully brush nail polish over the petals, hoping the surface tension in strong enough. I made bunch of these years ago when I still had long hair and used them as hair ornaments, tucking them around buns and through braids. 042

But this batch is just to add a touch of spring through out my space. Peaking out of a pencil jar, brightening up a builtin board, filling a miniature vase.034

Stash Busting 7/15: Yellow Flower

Whew! My stash busting challenge certainly hit a snag! 021

I tried a few things, and they all were just ‘meh.’  A dress shirt refashion that looks too unchanged, a knit shawl that needs to be frogged after I ignored the wisdom of the gauge swatch, wrist-band things I’ll never actually wear…


This is my ‘contemplating failure’ face.

I finally decided to go small and bright in an attempt to cheer myself (and my crafting) up. The result is this sun-shiny flower! It’s hand0-sewn out of scrap fabric with two buttons stacked in the center (it took, like, way too long to decide which buttons to use.). I attached a bobby pin to wear in my hair, but it could easily be a pin, or even sewed onto something like a tote bag.


And this is my ‘happy hair flower’ face!

I must confess that is it far more twee than I usually go for, but it was fun and fast and reminds me of the early primrose I noticed a few days ago. And making it did re-energize me!020

Have any of you ever done a simple, fun project to help you over a crafting hump?

Springtime is for Cake!

Bleeding Heart!With the coming of May, I feel like spring has truly sprung! Daffodils and dandelions and viburnum and tulips and LEAVES! And bright green grass and bleeding heart and primroses and pansies!

Also, my sister! Little sis’ has had the time of her life studying abroad the past four months, but she comes home tonight, so I baked a cake to celebrate!"Happy Welcome Birthday Home": coming soon to a Halmark near you!While she was abroad, she celebrated a birthday, but as I wasn’t there, I decided it didn’t count and included the birthday sentiment alongside the welcome home sentiment.

Note the attempt at ombre up the sides...I chose sky blue and white as the frosting colors to match the spring sky, with its bright clouds and clear sunshine! And then scroll work around the sides for joy!

Underneath the frosting is a rich chocolate cake that keeps the buttercream frosting from being unbearably sweet. Overall, it’s a delicious combo, and I’m happy about how pretty the whole project turned out!

May your spring be as full of happiness and home as mine is!054

Busy as a Bee

Hello everyone! ??????????Just a quick check-in right now. I’ve been away from the computer hiking the Great Smokey Mountains, and now I’m off on another adventure! ??????????I look forward to sharing crafts and baking and travel shots when I get back, but for now, here are a few shots of gorgeous Tennessee:

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????I hope that you all find some adventure this Spring, whether in traveling or in small ways in your own home!

Fine! I’ll just make my own spring!

Hello there!

And a special hello to anyone out there who keeps getting snow. Now, I know I’ve been fortunate this winter. No power outages, no pipes freezing, no more than one foot of snow at a time. But it’s March. And as I hinted in my last post, I’m tired of winter. I’m especially tired because this week, there were days like this:

Snow slush road :(And this:There's usually a path in this field...At least Huck seemed to like it:Whooo's a goood boy!But I was tired of it. So I decided to make my own spring! If you’re feeling like the seasons can’t change quickly enough, maybe you can make your own spring too!

First off, I baked cupcakes! With sprinkles!064Sprinkles on top of blue buttercream frosting. And inside each cupcake?075MORE SPRINKLES!

Next, I started a paperwhite bulb. It hasn’t bloomed yet, but just a fresh green growing thing makes me smile!Spring-time tea-time!Also on the plants and flower theme, I did a quick watercolor of an iris (my favorite flower) to hang on the bulletin board right above my workstation. Now I can pretend it’s spring every time I look up!050Finally, I decided that the cupcakes were just not enough, and I made lemon-raspberry whoopie pies! I cobbled together a few different whoopie recipes, and the final result was as pretty as it was delicious!compressed pieAnd the tart and sweet and citrus flavors all together tasted just like spring! I could practically hear birds singing and flowers blooming with each nibble!

So how about you all? Anyone doing anything to get psyched for Spring?

Signs of Spring!

1. The first daffodils are blooming! While they are lovely outside, I took three for my room so I spring up the moment I wake up.002

2. The maples are starting to flower! It was only a few years ago that I realized all trees bloom, and that red maples are among the first in my area. If you’re not watching for it, the small subtle blossoms are easily missed, but once you train your eye, you’ll see the blossoms everywhere!015

3. Luna stays outdoors overnight. It’s rural enough that this isn’t a concern, and it’s a major sign of warming weather. Also, Lucy, my dear timid calico, is thinking about letting a whisker through the doorjam…

Such a handsome boy!

Such a handsome boy!

4. Bird song! It’s getting loud enough to hear through my closed windows, and when I walk out to my car to head to work, the chirping wakes me up and lifts my spirit like nothing else.


Okay, blue jays aren’t the sweetest singers, but he was very obliging for the photo…

5. Bright, swingy skirts! I know in my last post, I wrote about knitting that last wool hat, but J0-Ann’s had some lovely remnants in spring/summer fabric and I couldn’t resist!


Here are the two fabrics…


And here’s the skirt I made!

So those are my top 5 signs of spring, and they are completely filling up my soul like a clear water after a trek through a desert. (In this case, the antarctic desert of winter…)

What signs of spring are you seeing?