Why I Take My Glasses Off…

When I started this post, it was supposed to be about my new dress, yet another simplicity 1620. However, looking at the pics I snapped, it’s just a reminder to take off glasses when taking pictures.


I guess it kinda looks like I’m from the future, walking around with an HUD embedded in my specs!

To be honest, I never really like pictures I take of myself (and really, who does like pics of themselves?!), and I don’t like taking pictures of me, but I do really like documenting the things I make.

So I am going sharing the bleh pictures, because it beats going back out to my tiny apartment balcony wondering if the neighbors are peering out from across the parking lot wondering what the heck I’m doing, which is what retaking them would entail!


Look at the usual print! Ignore my glowing glasses!

And of course the one picture where my glasses haven’t censored my eyes is the one where I said, “Whatever. I’ll just act goofy ’cause I already feel like an idiot!”DSCN4763

Oh, and I do love my new dress! This pattern is a go-to favorite, and at this point only takes me about 2-3 hours to turn out, hemmed and everything! And this fabric is a simply silky knit from Jo-Ann fabrics and is a kind-of-dated, kind-of-steampunk paisley print that I kind-of-love, and which I look forward to rocking for a while 🙂


And another one!

I may have to find a new go-to dress pattern. Three of the same may be excessive. But I can’t help myself! I love my Simplicity 1620. And each time I’ve made it (4 total, as I gifted one) it comes out different, as I keep using very different fabrics.dress

This time I made it with some steeply discounted silky fabric from Jo-Ann’s. I tend to avoid their simply silky prints, as they’re tricky to sew, but I couldn’t resist this print. But I knew it’d have to be a simply make with such a fiddly fabric, and, well, another 1620.dress-back

I love how it turned out 🙂

1620: V 2.0!

November has begun.

I mean, like, a week ago. Sorry. I’ve been off-line for a bit.

But. Novemeber has begun, and after a morning of quick sewing, I have a dress to wear for this month of changing colors and falling leaves and darker days! I’ve been trying to get more prints into my life, so when I saw this lovely fabric on clearance at Jo-Ann fabrics, I snapped up two yards of it, thinking I’d make a basic sheath dress.dress4Well, the dress I made is pretty simple, but not as simple as I originally thought. As I was playing with my fabric, I remembered how I wanted to try Simplicity 1620 in a knit. You may have seen my post about my pleasant surprise with this pattern. I used a stiff cotton that turned out well.DSCN2825Well, here it is again, with a knit! Not too much drape to this fabric, but decent stretch. And I even had enough extra fabric to make a coordinating sash!dress1I also added a band at the bottom the dress, instead of just hemming it. I like the extra weight and shape it gives. Overall, I’m even more excited about this version of 1620 than the last, and I might just make a shirt version out of a remnant I bought!dress3…not the best mirror pic, and my camera’s hiding my face, I’m grinning as wide as wide can be 😀