McCall’s M7093

Today I have a shirt to share that I absolutely love to wear. goodRhymes aside, I hate how it photographs. It’s a breezy, unfitted top made of a cotton gauze, and I feel good when I wear it, but I took pictures on breezy day and apparently it fills out like a sail. Not a good look.


Ready to set sail! (This isn’t even the worst shot…)

But I like wearing it a lot, and I like the extra work I put into the construction.

See, the pattern suggest contrasting colors for parts of the shirt, which I liked. But I couldn’t find two fabrics that complemented each other and spoke to me. Instead, after cutting the side panels and sleeves, I used the end of an unsharpened pencil to stamp gold polka-dots on the fabric.DSCN5356 It’s very subtle, especially from a distance, but feels so special when worn. I also took the time to finish all the seams properly, with french seams and double-folded hems.

Bottom line, I still quite like this pattern, even if it’s not the most flattering thing I’ve ever worn. I cut a a size 22, but it has a lot of ease, so I think I’ll downsize to a 20 the next time I make it, to reduce sail potential. I might also try view D, which is a tunic and therefore beltable…good2


Refashion Runway Sew-Along


As I’ve been doing a lot of refashions lately, I started looking at other refashioners out there, and found The Renegade Seamstress and her wonderful Refashion Runway contest! Each week, the contestants have a themed to sew to, and all their fabric has to come from refashion stock! So cool! Right now is the fourth year of competition, and I went back and binge-read all the previous years, and then voted for my favorite from this week’s velvet challenge.

I also found out that the Renegade Seamstress encourages readers to sew along with the challenges, and I figured: why not? The upcoming challenge is metallic, which is perfect, because I had this dress in my refashion stash:DSCN4381It’s a maxi dress I made several years ago, when I had a lot less sewing experience. The bodice really doesn’t fit at all, hence it being pinned closed. And I didn’t have quite enough fabric, so I left it unhemmed and tried to convince myself it was long enough. It really wasn’t. I wore it once or twice and then hung it in my closet to sigh at whenever I noticed it.

But I still liked the striped fabric, especially the light grey bands, which are subtly metallic!


Very hard to photograph, but there’s a bit of sparkle!

I also enjoy the color combination of burgundy and grey. At first I thought of reworking the bodice, which was possible because it was too big, rather than too small, and then shortening the dress. But I have quite a few dresses, and am rather lacking in the shirt department.

So I took a pattern for a cowl front top that I drafted a while back for this project. But I wanted to incorporate the burgundy, so I took in the sides of the pattern a bit, and then added an inset to each side. I also lined the armholes and the back of the neck in the burgundy so it peeks out ever so slightly when I move my arms.DSCN4474

So now I have a sporty new top that I can even wear to work! Much better than a too big, too short, unworn maxi dress!Picture1

Next week’s challenge on the Refashion Runway is buttons! Not sure if I’ll be sewing along, but I have caught myself going through my button stash a few times, as well as looking at historic and modern pictures of Pearlies…