Tiny Foxes

Recently I sewed a basic t-shirt with some remnant fabric from Jo-Ann fabrics. It’s a fun shirt, and I’ve gotten a lot of joy out of wearing it.

fox shirt

(sorry for the poor quality shot…)

But I’ve gotten even more joy out of what I made with the scraps: Tiny stuffed foxes 🙂DSCN4758

They are super easy to make, and would work with any fabric that has cute animals on it. The how-to for these cuties is pretty straight forward, but just in case you want to make your own, here goes!

  1. Cut out two of the animals, leaving a generous border.
  2. Face the pieces together, right side in.
  3. Sew around the outside, leaving an opening.
  4. Turn right side out (use something pointy like a dull pencil or chopstick to help!)
  5. Stuff with other smaller scraps or poly-fil, and neatly stitch closed.DSCN4754
  6. (optional) Have far too much fun placing them in your herb garden 🙂DSCN4753

A few tips and ideas:

  • If using a stretch fabric, like my foxes, make sure the pieces you cut out have the stretch going in the same direction.
  • If there are a lot of curves, clip the fabric outside the seams carefully (don’t cut through your stitches!) to make for smoother turning.
  • Stitch or glue your finished tiny creatures to a pin and wear for a dash of whimsy =^.^=

Stash busting: the rest of them

So I fell a bit off the stash busting, but then I made about fifteen drawstring bags out of my scrap pile!030

I sewed the first one to hold spare change to take it be counted, and then it was so fun and quick and easy and a lot of other projects hadn’t worked out. So the bags were a fun rush and I got a bit carried away.

I’m planning to use them for wrapping gifts; they’re fun and environmentally responsible 🙂

I stared out with plain ones, but quickly starting spiffing them up, adding borders and mixing prints. Overall, it was a fun and productive stash dive!


Also: Me Made May – a simple purple jersey tank of my own patterning. I wore it with a cardigan to work, as well as heels and dress pants, but switched to yoga pants when I got home. The shirt looks classy but feels so comfy 🙂029


Stash Busting 7/15: Yellow Flower

Whew! My stash busting challenge certainly hit a snag! 021

I tried a few things, and they all were just ‘meh.’  A dress shirt refashion that looks too unchanged, a knit shawl that needs to be frogged after I ignored the wisdom of the gauge swatch, wrist-band things I’ll never actually wear…


This is my ‘contemplating failure’ face.

I finally decided to go small and bright in an attempt to cheer myself (and my crafting) up. The result is this sun-shiny flower! It’s hand0-sewn out of scrap fabric with two buttons stacked in the center (it took, like, way too long to decide which buttons to use.). I attached a bobby pin to wear in my hair, but it could easily be a pin, or even sewed onto something like a tote bag.


And this is my ‘happy hair flower’ face!

I must confess that is it far more twee than I usually go for, but it was fun and fast and reminds me of the early primrose I noticed a few days ago. And making it did re-energize me!020

Have any of you ever done a simple, fun project to help you over a crafting hump?