Pretty in Pots

I should be doing some serious spring cleaning. But I’m not. I have made a start on spring-cleaning my fabric stash, but got a tad overwhelmed, and so the living room is more of a mess than usual, with bits and bobs of fabric into piles that make sense to me, at least.

Instead of finishing that project, I took a look at all my plants (and I have a lot!) and decided to do some indoor gardening. I had two empty pots and two plants in desperate need of re-potting. But remember; I’m procrastinating here, so I couldn’t simply re-pot and be done with it! No! Instead, I painted the pots! And I’m in love with how they turned out!DSCN4774

I used some cheap white house paint I had around for the base coat, and then free-handed the designs with some gold acrylic paint. I looked at henna designs and some mandalas on pinterest, and did some sketching to get my hand and eye in, and then just went for it! Very fun and liberating 🙂

I re-potted my arrowhead, but I need to get some more potting soil for my aloe.  I really like how the shape of the arrowhead leaves compliment the patterns I painted!


Happy New Year!

Happy 2016, everyone!004

…wait. Why are you all looking at me like that?

Did I show up late for the party? Again?

Ah, yes. Well. I suppose the first day of the new year was almost two weeks ago. And it’s been radio silence from me. But I have been doing stuff!

Mostly eating pasta. And making pasta! I received a pasta attachment for my stand mixer, and have been in. love. ever since. I’ve only tried the basic pasta recipe, but it is wonderful and lovely and all I need for the rest of my dietary life!

…okay, and chocolate.

But look! So pretty and elegant and tasty!

I’ve also spent hours gazing at my Christmas cactus in bloom, the delicate petals translucent and glowing in the sun.013

And as winter finally showed up (see, I’m not the only tardy one!) I decided to cozy up my desk area with some over-sized string lights! 002

I’ve been up to a few other things, and I’m planning to share a tutorial later this week, based on a winter solstice gift I made for a friend, so stay tuned!