Super Quick Earrings

Spring is here! Almost. It’s still dark when I get up for work, but now there are trills of birdsong swelling up around the dawn. It’ll only be a little bit longer now till everything is GREEN again, and butterflies dance over fields of hay studded with chicory blooms.

But I couldn’t wait for the real butterflies. So I made these!DSCN4738

They are super easy, and consist of exactly one step. Glue shiny things to earring backs. Done.DSCN4750

The shiny things in question are actually iron-on’s from the clearance bin at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I’ve never been prone to use iron-on’s when sewing, as they usually mean hand-washing ahead, but I loved these butterflies so bought them without a firm plan.

Then I realized I already had glue and earring posts, so these lovely spring earrings were born. And they only set me back about 75 cents!DSCN4739

Now I have to look around and see what else I can make to sing out “Spring!”


Easy Earrings


I’ve been doing a lot of crafting and sewing and wedding planning, but very little blogging. But I’ve something to share today. This is a very easy craft, but I think it turned out really well.

Basically, I bought blank earring studs and E6000 adhesive and made earrings. Not difficult. DSCN3971But I had so much fun going through my button jars to find pairs that would work as a set.

I think the real crafty-ness comes in the making of the little cards.DSCN3977 I used what I had on hand, so just cut up a cereal box and poked holes in with a pin for the earrings to go through.DSCN3974

For this pair, I glued stone beads on the blanks studs. However, I didn’t like the look of the bead holes, so I glued small silver beads in them. I was originally going to write “You Rock” after the earrings, but then realized the earrings themselves could fill in for the o’s! So now there’s a nice little reminder/self-esteem boost to go with the earrings 🙂

Sometimes a simple craft can bring as much joy as a challenging one!

Hexi Earrings Tutorial

IMG_1202I recently got second holes pierced in my earlobes, so have been playing around with wearing – and making – more post earrings, rather than the beloved dangles I usually favor. This pair was inspired by the hexagonal geometry of snow and the shine of the holidays. And they can be made with recycled materials, so an extra win!

Materials: materials1. Sturdy scissors or tin snips
2. Washed coffee can – one with a metal bottom, not a plastic one
3. Sharpie or similar marker
4. E600 or other strong glue – a hot glue gun won’t cut it!
5. Earring posts – or wire and pliers to make your own
6. Metal file

1. Using the sturdy scissors, separate the metal bottom of the can. You don’t need the cardboard cylinder, and can dispose of it.step 1
2. Draw two identical hexagons on the metal disc. Mine are about 1/2″ between vertices.
Tip: cut out templates out of paper and trace on if you’re having trouble free-handing.step 2
3. Using the sturdy scissors or tin snips, carefully cut out the hexagons. Try to cut just inside the line. If some marker is still left on your cut hexagons, you can remove it with rubbing alcohol.step 4
4. Use the metal file to smooth off any rough edges and round the corners slightly.
5. Follow the directions on your glue and attach the earring posts to your hexagons. Once the glue cures, you’re done!step 5

Tips and Suggestions:
1. While I made hexagons to reflect the six sides of a snow flake, you could also do triangles, rectangles, diamonds, etc.
2. If you have any tin flashing or similar metal scraps, it will work just as well as a can bottom. Aluminum cans can be cut too, but I find them a bit flimsy for post earrings…
3. Nail polish adheres pretty well to these, so paint on a coat or two for an enameled look!


May you get lots of compliments on your new earrings!