Tiny Foxes

Recently I sewed a basic t-shirt with some remnant fabric from Jo-Ann fabrics. It’s a fun shirt, and I’ve gotten a lot of joy out of wearing it.

fox shirt

(sorry for the poor quality shot…)

But I’ve gotten even more joy out of what I made with the scraps: Tiny stuffed foxes 🙂DSCN4758

They are super easy to make, and would work with any fabric that has cute animals on it. The how-to for these cuties is pretty straight forward, but just in case you want to make your own, here goes!

  1. Cut out two of the animals, leaving a generous border.
  2. Face the pieces together, right side in.
  3. Sew around the outside, leaving an opening.
  4. Turn right side out (use something pointy like a dull pencil or chopstick to help!)
  5. Stuff with other smaller scraps or poly-fil, and neatly stitch closed.DSCN4754
  6. (optional) Have far too much fun placing them in your herb garden 🙂DSCN4753

A few tips and ideas:

  • If using a stretch fabric, like my foxes, make sure the pieces you cut out have the stretch going in the same direction.
  • If there are a lot of curves, clip the fabric outside the seams carefully (don’t cut through your stitches!) to make for smoother turning.
  • Stitch or glue your finished tiny creatures to a pin and wear for a dash of whimsy =^.^=

Make Shorts While the Sun Shines

How many times are you allowed to make the same pattern in row, before being considered obsessed?DSCN4499

‘Cause just a few days ago, I raved about Purl Soho’s City Gym Shorts, and now I have three more pairs.

Yeah. 4 pairs of shorts in a week. All the same thing. But! I love them! And I finally have the perfect excuse to buy cute quilting prints. Like foxes and flowers!

fabric haul

Pardon the blurry phone pic. Also, mystery fabric on the bottom will soon be…well, you’ll have to come back and see 🙂


Of course, now I have to go the gym, as I can no longer use the excuse of lack of work-out wear…

DSCN4500On two pairs, I appliqued a scrap of the printed fabric onto the back of the shorts. While constructing the fox pair, I accidentally snipped a hole in my fabric, so the fox was a cover-up patch. But I loved it so much, I added a bit of flowers to my other pair.

DSCN4503The third pair (on top) is fun and zany and made from stash fabric I got for free and had long since given up on, as it was so over the top. Not sure I’ll wear them in public, but they’ll make for wonderful and comfy lounge pants.

Anyone else ever fall so deeply head-over-heels for a pattern?

Felt Squees

This week, I took a break from practical sewing to make some completely adorable, totally frivolous things. Specifically, I made little stuffed animals out of felt, but they turned out so gosh darn cute I call them felt squees. It’s a sort of onomatopoeia of the reaction they inspire.

See if you can look at them without squeeing!

Mr. Bear just wants love!I wonder what he's thinking?Foxy-loxy!Now I love these little guys so much that I couldn’t stop playing around while taking pictures. See what I mean:foxbun“Oh, no! Look behind you, Mr. Bunny! Mr. Fox is watching you!”

Honestly, though, my felt fox looks so sweet, I don’t think he actually would eat a bunny. I think he probably prefers dewdrops and teasel pie!

bear2It looks cloudy today! Good thing Mr. Bear found a nice leaf to shelter under so he stays dry if it rains. Wait…who else do we know who uses a leaf for an umbrella?

totoro1That’s right! It’s our neighbor, elusive forest creature, Totoro!totoro2These guys were all super easy to make, as they’re just two layers sewn together. Without a base, they don’t really stand up, but have a simplicity I enjoy. They’re also super addictive. As you may be able to tell 🙂

Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of cute ^.^