Simplicity 1614

I have a new favorite summer top!DSCN5358

This is Simplicity 1614 version B. I made this once years ago out of quilting cotton, and it was just a little stiff. I mean, I wear it sometimes, but didn’t love it. This one, however, is made of a light and breezy printed rayon and is wonderful and drapey. I actually bought the fabric for a different project, but changed my mind. So I rummaged through my patterns and decided to revisit. So glad I did! I sewed up a size 20, and found the fit good, except the back strap. DSCN5360I think I’ll shorten it by about an inch next time I make this baby. (And believe me, there will be a next time!)DSCN5362

Very quick and easy to sew, even with making my own bias tape.

My favorite part of this top is that I took time to sew little straps and snaps inside the shoulders.

This way I can snap my bra straps in place! I tend to stay away from tanks because I don’t like my bra showing, but these snaps have worked like an absolute dream. I think I may need to go through my wardrobe and sew them on everything I own!


Make Shorts While the Sun Shines

How many times are you allowed to make the same pattern in row, before being considered obsessed?DSCN4499

‘Cause just a few days ago, I raved about Purl Soho’s City Gym Shorts, and now I have three more pairs.

Yeah. 4 pairs of shorts in a week. All the same thing. But! I love them! And I finally have the perfect excuse to buy cute quilting prints. Like foxes and flowers!

fabric haul

Pardon the blurry phone pic. Also, mystery fabric on the bottom will soon be…well, you’ll have to come back and see 🙂


Of course, now I have to go the gym, as I can no longer use the excuse of lack of work-out wear…

DSCN4500On two pairs, I appliqued a scrap of the printed fabric onto the back of the shorts. While constructing the fox pair, I accidentally snipped a hole in my fabric, so the fox was a cover-up patch. But I loved it so much, I added a bit of flowers to my other pair.

DSCN4503The third pair (on top) is fun and zany and made from stash fabric I got for free and had long since given up on, as it was so over the top. Not sure I’ll wear them in public, but they’ll make for wonderful and comfy lounge pants.

Anyone else ever fall so deeply head-over-heels for a pattern?