Tiny Foxes

Recently I sewed a basic t-shirt with some remnant fabric from Jo-Ann fabrics. It’s a fun shirt, and I’ve gotten a lot of joy out of wearing it.

fox shirt

(sorry for the poor quality shot…)

But I’ve gotten even more joy out of what I made with the scraps: Tiny stuffed foxes 🙂DSCN4758

They are super easy to make, and would work with any fabric that has cute animals on it. The how-to for these cuties is pretty straight forward, but just in case you want to make your own, here goes!

  1. Cut out two of the animals, leaving a generous border.
  2. Face the pieces together, right side in.
  3. Sew around the outside, leaving an opening.
  4. Turn right side out (use something pointy like a dull pencil or chopstick to help!)
  5. Stuff with other smaller scraps or poly-fil, and neatly stitch closed.DSCN4754
  6. (optional) Have far too much fun placing them in your herb garden 🙂DSCN4753

A few tips and ideas:

  • If using a stretch fabric, like my foxes, make sure the pieces you cut out have the stretch going in the same direction.
  • If there are a lot of curves, clip the fabric outside the seams carefully (don’t cut through your stitches!) to make for smoother turning.
  • Stitch or glue your finished tiny creatures to a pin and wear for a dash of whimsy =^.^=

Easy Earrings


I’ve been doing a lot of crafting and sewing and wedding planning, but very little blogging. But I’ve something to share today. This is a very easy craft, but I think it turned out really well.

Basically, I bought blank earring studs and E6000 adhesive and made earrings. Not difficult. DSCN3971But I had so much fun going through my button jars to find pairs that would work as a set.

I think the real crafty-ness comes in the making of the little cards.DSCN3977 I used what I had on hand, so just cut up a cereal box and poked holes in with a pin for the earrings to go through.DSCN3974

For this pair, I glued stone beads on the blanks studs. However, I didn’t like the look of the bead holes, so I glued small silver beads in them. I was originally going to write “You Rock” after the earrings, but then realized the earrings themselves could fill in for the o’s! So now there’s a nice little reminder/self-esteem boost to go with the earrings 🙂

Sometimes a simple craft can bring as much joy as a challenging one!

Hammin’ It Up!

No, no actual ham. Hammin’ as in hamsters!

I haven’t quite gotten over my felt squees, which I introduced in this post. A friend of mine has been feeling down, and I thought a little squee might just cheer her up. And she likes hamsters. So this little guy was born:007French knots give his eyes just the right amount of sparkle and his whiskers are adorably tiny. He’s so lively and frisky that he needed a friend.

I didn’t just want to do a second-verse, same-as-the-first type deal, so I changed it up, inspired by Molly over at Wild Olive. (btw, Wild Olive is one of my fav blogs. You’ve probably heard of it, but if not, check it out!) I simplified the design a bit, and here’s the finished hamie:010Again, french knots to the rescue! But enough of the glamour shots; here’s the full body deal.001What a dynamic duo! These buddies cheered me up just making them, so I have high hopes as to their cheer potential for their new owner 🙂012

Felt Squees

This week, I took a break from practical sewing to make some completely adorable, totally frivolous things. Specifically, I made little stuffed animals out of felt, but they turned out so gosh darn cute I call them felt squees. It’s a sort of onomatopoeia of the reaction they inspire.

See if you can look at them without squeeing!

Mr. Bear just wants love!I wonder what he's thinking?Foxy-loxy!Now I love these little guys so much that I couldn’t stop playing around while taking pictures. See what I mean:foxbun“Oh, no! Look behind you, Mr. Bunny! Mr. Fox is watching you!”

Honestly, though, my felt fox looks so sweet, I don’t think he actually would eat a bunny. I think he probably prefers dewdrops and teasel pie!

bear2It looks cloudy today! Good thing Mr. Bear found a nice leaf to shelter under so he stays dry if it rains. Wait…who else do we know who uses a leaf for an umbrella?

totoro1That’s right! It’s our neighbor, elusive forest creature, Totoro!totoro2These guys were all super easy to make, as they’re just two layers sewn together. Without a base, they don’t really stand up, but have a simplicity I enjoy. They’re also super addictive. As you may be able to tell 🙂

Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of cute ^.^