Easy Earrings


I’ve been doing a lot of crafting and sewing and wedding planning, but very little blogging. But I’ve something to share today. This is a very easy craft, but I think it turned out really well.

Basically, I bought blank earring studs and E6000 adhesive and made earrings. Not difficult. DSCN3971But I had so much fun going through my button jars to find pairs that would work as a set.

I think the real crafty-ness comes in the making of the little cards.DSCN3977 I used what I had on hand, so just cut up a cereal box and poked holes in with a pin for the earrings to go through.DSCN3974

For this pair, I glued stone beads on the blanks studs. However, I didn’t like the look of the bead holes, so I glued small silver beads in them. I was originally going to write “You Rock” after the earrings, but then realized the earrings themselves could fill in for the o’s! So now there’s a nice little reminder/self-esteem boost to go with the earrings 🙂

Sometimes a simple craft can bring as much joy as a challenging one!


Stash Busting 7/15: Yellow Flower

Whew! My stash busting challenge certainly hit a snag! 021

I tried a few things, and they all were just ‘meh.’  A dress shirt refashion that looks too unchanged, a knit shawl that needs to be frogged after I ignored the wisdom of the gauge swatch, wrist-band things I’ll never actually wear…


This is my ‘contemplating failure’ face.

I finally decided to go small and bright in an attempt to cheer myself (and my crafting) up. The result is this sun-shiny flower! It’s hand0-sewn out of scrap fabric with two buttons stacked in the center (it took, like, way too long to decide which buttons to use.). I attached a bobby pin to wear in my hair, but it could easily be a pin, or even sewed onto something like a tote bag.


And this is my ‘happy hair flower’ face!

I must confess that is it far more twee than I usually go for, but it was fun and fast and reminds me of the early primrose I noticed a few days ago. And making it did re-energize me!020

Have any of you ever done a simple, fun project to help you over a crafting hump?

Stash Busting 4/15: Dress to Skirt

This stash buster is actually the tale of refash busted. In other words, I bought this too-small dress for a dollar hoping to refashion it. 021Why did I buy a too-small dress and think I could make it fit? Who knows. The (il)logic is lost to time.

But in the spirit of clearing my stash, I gave it another go. It fit fine from the waist down, and I loved the buttons, but it was a little to sweet in pastel pink. So I dyed the whole thing! Bright pink! Perfect to counter all the rain we’ve been having.use1

I then chopped off the bodice and cut a waistband from the bodice and sleeve remnants. I used some sturdy fun floral fabric from my stash to line it, and the rest is history!use2

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good picture of it on, due to the rain. However, here’s a bad picture of me wearing it 🙂003

One more thing rescued from my stash and added to my wardrobe. It kept some of the rain of my parade at least!