Blue Re-do

Recently I went thrifting, looking for materials for a few upcoming events. I found what I needed, and I’ll share that later. But I also found this out-dated dress for 50 cents! I fell in love with the color, and the fact that it was made of rayon, and not some sort of poly-blend.DSCN5377

I did not fall in love with the large sleeves, unfitted waist, scalloped hem, skirt-top combo look, etc. I wasn’t even sure how I felt about the soutache braiding. But again, 50 cents.DSCN5375

I had a free morning, and started to play around. I was originally thinking of separating the top and bottom and making the skirt portion into, well, a skirt. I figured the sleeves would have enough fabric to make make a narrow waistband. But something happened once I removed the sleeves: I started to really like the top half. So I cut off the scalloped edge, and sewed the skirt on the top. DSCN5379For the back, I eliminated the button placket (I forgot to photograph the back before, but it was closed with self-fabric covered buttons) and inserted a new zipper starting around mid-back. DSCN5382I chopped off nearly a foot of fabric from the bottom of the skirt to bring it up to knee length and hemmed it by hand. I added some bust darts into the bodice to help with shaping. Finally, I managed to cut some bias tape from the discarded sleeves to bind the armholes. DSCN5384

I’m so so happy with the results! The Blue Re-do, as I’ve dubbed it, makes me smile and is very different from anything in my wardrobe. Now I just need a party or fancy shindig to wear it to!


Stash Busting 5/15 – Turtle Necklace

One third of the way to my goal!

This was a quick stash buster once I planned it out, and it didn’t use up a ton of supplies. But it turned out so well; I love it!

I bought a sea turtle charm back before Christmas, planning to use it in some sort of jewelry for my sister, as she studies reptiles and amphibians and has a special soft spot for turtles. It was perfect! …except for the part where I never actually used it. But her birthday is coming up, and so I finally used the turtle!054

I spent a lot of time playing around with different beads to find a combination I liked, and settled on two groups of iridescent blue beads on head pins. I hung one on each side of the turtle, like it was swimming through cerulean seas.052

And my lil’ sis loved it! I only wish I had made it sooner…

I think I’ll have to plan a few other stash busters that go to good homes! There’s such joy in sharing hand-made gifts 🙂