Geode Gimlet

Today I had fun cleaning my fridge! Now fridge-cleaning isn’t usually super fun, but it’s not everyday I find a bit of violet simple syrup from a month or so ago.DSCN5001

I went to check on the syrup, and found it had crystallized, a la the rock candy of my childhood! I didn’t want this beautiful find to go to waste, so I mixed up a gin gimlet, and went easy on simple syrup. Then I poured it into the violet syrup container and drank myself a geode!DSCN5000

Want to make one yourself? No guarantees, but make some simple syrup. Use violets for pretty purple notes. Let it sit undisturbed in the back of the fridge for a month or two. Remove. Drain any excess syrup that hasn’t crystallized into another container. Mix a gimlet, or whatever drink you fancy, and serve in the geode class. Enjoy the fruits of gemology 🙂DSCN5002