Stash Busting 8/15: Little Flowers

Another quick stash buster, and again with flowers!039

I made these cuties with leftover bits of wire and nail polish. Basically, shape a flower and carefully carefully brush nail polish over the petals, hoping the surface tension in strong enough. I made bunch of these years ago when I still had long hair and used them as hair ornaments, tucking them around buns and through braids. 042

But this batch is just to add a touch of spring through out my space. Peaking out of a pencil jar, brightening up a builtin board, filling a miniature vase.034


Stash Busting 7/15: Yellow Flower

Whew! My stash busting challenge certainly hit a snag! 021

I tried a few things, and they all were just ‘meh.’  A dress shirt refashion that looks too unchanged, a knit shawl that needs to be frogged after I ignored the wisdom of the gauge swatch, wrist-band things I’ll never actually wear…


This is my ‘contemplating failure’ face.

I finally decided to go small and bright in an attempt to cheer myself (and my crafting) up. The result is this sun-shiny flower! It’s hand0-sewn out of scrap fabric with two buttons stacked in the center (it took, like, way too long to decide which buttons to use.). I attached a bobby pin to wear in my hair, but it could easily be a pin, or even sewed onto something like a tote bag.


And this is my ‘happy hair flower’ face!

I must confess that is it far more twee than I usually go for, but it was fun and fast and reminds me of the early primrose I noticed a few days ago. And making it did re-energize me!020

Have any of you ever done a simple, fun project to help you over a crafting hump?

Stash busting 6/15: Knitted Tam

Back once more to yarn!


This picture does nothing to show the subtly of the true color of this yarn…

I think I’m busting so much yarn because I’m currently working as a daily substitute. It’s easy to bring a knitting project for those time without students, but it’s much harder to bring along a dress that needs refashioning, or all my jewelry supplies…

But this buster is yet another pattern from One-Skein Wonders. It’s a seed stitch tam.005

I love the finished look of seed-stitch, but its sooo tedious! But worth it, as is proven by my perseverance. The yarn is a soft lovely mystery wool in blue with subtle forays into green. It was a present years and years ago when I had just started knitting, and the label has since been lost. Back then, I had only worked in acrylics and blends and found this yarn just too precious to actually use. But now, nearly 10 years later, it shines! Or rather softly is soft 🙂010

So that’s my stash, one skein lighter! (If I overlook the frightening amount of yarn I took in from a friend who was lightening her own stash…)