Stash Busting 5/15 – Turtle Necklace

One third of the way to my goal!

This was a quick stash buster once I planned it out, and it didn’t use up a ton of supplies. But it turned out so well; I love it!

I bought a sea turtle charm back before Christmas, planning to use it in some sort of jewelry for my sister, as she studies reptiles and amphibians and has a special soft spot for turtles. It was perfect! …except for the part where I never actually used it. But her birthday is coming up, and so I finally used the turtle!054

I spent a lot of time playing around with different beads to find a combination I liked, and settled on two groups of iridescent blue beads on head pins. I hung one on each side of the turtle, like it was swimming through cerulean seas.052

And my lil’ sis loved it! I only wish I had made it sooner…

I think I’ll have to plan a few other stash busters that go to good homes! There’s such joy in sharing hand-made gifts 🙂


Stash Busting 4/15: Dress to Skirt

This stash buster is actually the tale of refash busted. In other words, I bought this too-small dress for a dollar hoping to refashion it. 021Why did I buy a too-small dress and think I could make it fit? Who knows. The (il)logic is lost to time.

But in the spirit of clearing my stash, I gave it another go. It fit fine from the waist down, and I loved the buttons, but it was a little to sweet in pastel pink. So I dyed the whole thing! Bright pink! Perfect to counter all the rain we’ve been having.use1

I then chopped off the bodice and cut a waistband from the bodice and sleeve remnants. I used some sturdy fun floral fabric from my stash to line it, and the rest is history!use2

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good picture of it on, due to the rain. However, here’s a bad picture of me wearing it 🙂003

One more thing rescued from my stash and added to my wardrobe. It kept some of the rain of my parade at least!

Stash Busting: Thing 3/15

For this stash busting project, I took a step back from the yarn basket, and raided my jewelry making supplies. good3(I actually got really inspired and made three things, but I’m just sharing the one today.)

I settled on these lovely polished agate beads first:good2 Now I bought these over two years ago on sale, and main thing holding me back was that they came in a set of three. My first instinct was earrings, but that would leave one bead left out. So I tucked them away. This stash busting project, however, inspired me to just use them already!

So I did! I let the stone speak mostly for itself, only adding a decorative swirl at the bottom.good

I’ve already worn them, and I’m so glad I got over my initial hesitation about having a bead left over. I’m sure I’ll find a use for it one day!good1

Stash Busting: Thing 2/15

A knife, yarn, sandpaper, and dowel rods: can you guess what these things were for?013

If you guessed “clutch purse”, then you must have ESPN or something. But that’s exactly what I made.020 Over the long weekend, I continued my plan of using existing materials instead of buying anything new. Just like with the cowl, I started in my yarn basket. I found at little bit of Alafosslopi Icelandic wool in two colors, but just a little of each. (I documented my use of the burgundy yarn here)007

I flipped through One-Skein Wonders (which is seriously one of my most used knitting books) and found the pattern for a “quick and classy cabled clutch”. Perfect! It was an easy knit, very quick, and the cables added just enough interest without being difficult. I love the finished result and it holds my keys, wallet, and cell phone perfectly. There’s even room for a lipstick, or perhaps some chocolates 😉016

But what of the knife and sandpaper? Well, the pattern called for handles, but I’m not buying new stuff, remember? So I took a dowel rod (don’t rightly remember why I had it…) and cut it to length, using an cheap old paring knife that was relegated to the junk drawer when fiance and I got a real knife set. It worked, but I may have dulled it down so much it’s now more of a letter opener. Oh well – we weren’t using at anyway. Then I simply sanded down the cut ends to smooth them and folded the lips of the purse around the dowels and stitched. The purse stays pretty well closed on its own, but I’m thinking of adding magnets or elastic to make it more secure.015

So that’s two projects down. I think for my next adventure in stash busting, I’ll look through my jewelry/beading supplies! Wish me luck 🙂

Stash Buster! thing 1/15

Hello everyone! Meet my little rhino friend, in his lovely new knitted cowl. 028

Hmm…perhaps it is a bit big for him.

I guess I’ll just have to wear it myself!

But I’m letting Mr. Rhino be my stash busting spirit animal. He’s so determined, and I am too. 027I’m am not allowing myself to buy new craft materials until I have used up at least fifteen things from my stash.

For today’s cowl, I found in the bottom of my yarn box a bit of Lion Brand Homespun, in what I think is Prairie. The label is long gone, as I used most of it to make a scarf for a friend literally years ago. There wasn’t a lot left, so I just cast on 15 stitches with size 10 needles and knit until I ran out. Turns out its the perfect length for a cowl, so I stitched the ends together and tada! First thing down!023

Frankly Unorthadox

014So I decided to make a new shirt today, and drafted my own pattern. But I was out of large sheets of paper. So this is my wonderfully unorthodox solution:003It’s a lovely mix of Ikea packaging, grocery circulars, and negative space. But it worked!

I used soy sauce and kidney beans as pattern weights.

I’m still figuring out proper tension for my double needle, so the hems are ridged.


And this is after a good pressing…

But I love the finished shirt!013

Not bad for a morning’s work!:)

Btw, the fabric is a cotton blend double knit from Jo-ann’s. I found it in my favorite part of the whole store – the remnant bin! – ages ago, and I am so thrilled to finally use it 🙂