Hammin’ It Up!

No, no actual ham. Hammin’ as in hamsters!

I haven’t quite gotten over my felt squees, which I introduced in this post. A friend of mine has been feeling down, and I thought a little squee might just cheer her up. And she likes hamsters. So this little guy was born:007French knots give his eyes just the right amount of sparkle and his whiskers are adorably tiny. He’s so lively and frisky that he needed a friend.

I didn’t just want to do a second-verse, same-as-the-first type deal, so I changed it up, inspired by Molly over at Wild Olive. (btw, Wild Olive is one of my fav blogs. You’ve probably heard of it, but if not, check it out!) I simplified the design a bit, and here’s the finished hamie:010Again, french knots to the rescue! But enough of the glamour shots; here’s the full body deal.001What a dynamic duo! These buddies cheered me up just making them, so I have high hopes as to their cheer potential for their new owner πŸ™‚012


Frankly Fall

Autumn is here. I can no longer pretend it’s not. I’ve been wearing two sweaters outside, and broken out the moccasins indoors. October is also the first full month of teaching – not a single day off. The days have taken a decided turn into night, and I’ve got my first cold. When I get a cold, they always start with a sore throat. However, that sometimes turns into strep, so I’m always relieved if a stuffy nose makes an appearance. And then I realize that being sick in any form is still bleh and go right back to being miserable.DSCN3013

And yet, despite my many to-do lists for school, and my head cold, I’ve been able to do some fun crafty things. So here’s a round of up of what Fall has brought so far.

DSCN3017I made some candycorn bunting for my classroom door. I’m supposed to be teaching about healthy eating and whole grains right now. Corn is a grain, right?

DSCN3032And speaking of healthy eating, I baked some chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I was very pleased with these, as I made up my own recipe for them, and they are delicious πŸ™‚

DSCN3021Ah, here we go! Pumpkins are totally a vegetable! My fiance and I went out to a local farm stand where they have “pick” your own pumpkins. I put “pick” in quotes because it turns out they strew around pumpkins in a field and you walk around choosing one. No actual picking from the vines. But it was still fun! I’m not sure how I’ll carve it yet, but I have time!

And finally, I attended my first costume event of the Halloween season. My local swing dance scene has live bands once a month, and do their costume dance at October’s live band, rather than on Halloween. I threw together a hasty costume, that nontheless I am very proud of:DSCN3027It’s not the greatest picture; I got Frank to snap it when we got home from the dance, but I’m a cat, stuck in a tree!

So that’s October so far. Hopefully this cold clears up quickly, cause I have big plans for my actual Halloween costume, but I need to feel a little better before tackling it…

How about you? Any crafty signs of Fall in your life?

And speaking of puddings…

You know how my last post talked about pudding? It was glorious and all, but only used two of the nine (NINE!) yolks I had left after making an angel food cake. So I thought I’d do a quick share about the rest of the eggs.

Obviously, the nine whites went into this beauty:DSCN2998DSCN3000I made a chocolate glaze to go on the cake, which, while delicious, did not use up any of my leftover yolks.

So four went into a not-so-key lime pie. I couldn’t find any key limes, so the pie is made with regular limes. Not quite as zesty, but still good.DSCN3003Side note: If you need to transport and pie and an angel food cake and don’t have the right sort of keepers, a laundry basket and a number of dish cloths will work just fine πŸ™‚

Cake to be glazed on site

Cake to be glazed on site

And two went into the chocolate pudding.

The remainder? Well, I’m going to try to adapt the awesome chocolate pudding recipe into a yummy butterscotch πŸ™‚


So, pudding. I love it. EvenΒ  from the giant can like we used to get at sleep-away camp. By the way, is industrial-sized canned pudding just something I remember? It was so amazing to me, that you could have that much pudding and I fantasized about getting my own massive can and eating it all by myself… But I digress. Canned pudding aside, when I get a chance, from scratch is the way to go.DSCN3009This weekend I made an angel food cake for my dad’s birthday, which left me with a surplus of egg yolks. When I make pudding, I usually make butterscotch, but yesterday I was feeling something, well, darker.

So I found this recipe by Faith Durand and switched out the bittersweet chocolate for unsweetened. And I have to say, it was the best batch of pudding I have ever enjoyed!DSCN3006It might have actually been too bitter, except that my fiance whipped up the left-over heavy cream with a touch of sugar to put on the pudding. DSCN3012The photos don’t do this dessert justice. You’ll just have to take my word that it was amazing! It was also pretty easy to make and thickened up like a dream.

So this recipe is going off the internet and into my recipe box. If you try it too, let me know what you think!