Frankly, a Squid

Ahoy there, readers!

There’s a monster on the horizon, waving tentacles, grabbing sailors, rending the ship in half! Thar’ she goes; the GIANT SQUID! And alas, it’s a monster of my own making! Truly, man has been felled by hubris once again.005Oh, wait. What’s that?

The latest reports indicate that it is not, in fact, a giant squid, but a cuddle squid!Squid!It is still true that I made this monster. A good friend of mine has a penchant for squids, and I’ve had this excellent tutorial pinned for ages. And then I was cleaning out my fabric stash and found an old tye-dyed skirt. The fates aligned, and the squid was born!

The tutorial is actually for an 8 foot squid, but I didn’t have quite that much fabric and stuffing (or ambition!), so I scaled down the pattern to two feet and cut my pieces.

so many tentacle pieces!Assembly was fairly easy, and mostly done on machine. I did have to hand-sew the tentacles and the bottom piece of the body. The ladder stitch was my bff for this part!goodsquid3I had so much fun adding details, like the suckers on the underside of the tentacles. I just drew them on with sharpie, and then added little dots between the circles to build texture. I also liked the way the colors worked. I spent a lot of time with pattern layout to take advantage of the dyed fabric, and think it worked well.goodsquid1So a successful sewing project, some stash busted, and a very happy squid recipient. Win-win-win!


August Round-up

Happy almost-end-of-summer, everyone!Bring the sunshine indoors!Actually, I’m not sure that should be “happy”, but I am enjoying the lingering warmth, and looking forward to all the changes September brings. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been busy with moving, but I’ve also been busy with crafting. I’ve not, however, been organized about it. So rather than a few short posts, I’m just gonna combine a few of the things I’ve been seeing, making, and baking into one round-up!

First up is a dress I altered.Picture1 I made this, and blogged about it here and here, a while ago, but I wasn’t in love with the fit, or the sash. So I seam ripped the whole bodice and redid it, adding darts, taking in the back and lowering the back neckline. I also redid the zipper. Spot the differences: Super Easy edition!The changes are subtle, but I’m much happier with it now!

Then for the apartment, I needle felted some kooky coasters to add some color and protect the table:026I’ve also been cooking, especially after I discovered a farm stand not five minutes from my new digs. I picked up fingerling potatoes and Brussels sprouts and roasted them with carrots and garlic, all tossed in garlic oil and rosemary. Delicious!018You may notice there’s some bread on that plate. That’s ’cause I baked some, and it turned out wonderfully:007 011The 1953 cookbook prevails again!

One last little thing. When putting together my closet, I had one set of nice hangers, and then a whole bunch of mismatched wire hangers. They were ugly and my clothes kept slipping off, so I paired them off and crocheted over them.029So much better!

Wow! Looking at all these things, I feel very productive! Here’s to hoping you all can make the most of what left of summer too!

Baked Brie Bites

Hello everyone!

I’m in the middle of a move right now, which is super exciting, but also a bit time consuming. I didn’t even break out the camera for these pictures, as I wasn’t sure where it was. So today’s just a quick post, with phone pics, about some yummy I made to make the first night at the new apartment special.

I used brie, a golden delicious apple, and crescent rolls to make delicious little brie bites. I didn’t follow any one recipe, but looked at a bunch of different ideas on pinterest. 086What I ended up doing was sandwiching a thin wedge of brie between two thinner, peeled slices of apple and then wrapping that sandwich in a triangle of crescent roll dough. I popped them in the oven and baked them for the regular crescent roll temp and time and they turned out perfectly!cutting things up!Yummy and warm and cheesy and a great way to break in the oven!089PS. The pan I used, round with 2″ sides and handles, is great. It was left behind the the previous renters and I love it!

Sewing for Babies!

Hello everyone!072

I am quite a way from thinking about having kids, and seeing babies does nothing to change that. Sewing for babies on the other hand… I just loving making things for little ones. Yes, part of that has to do with the fact that baby projects are quick to sew because they’re so small. And of course I love how cute wee things are. But I particularly love making things for babies because I love the idea of handmade, and what is more handmade than a mini-human, swaddled and loved in handmade things?

My cousins welcomed a baby boy a little bit ago, and I just had to whip up a few things for the first time we would meet him.

First up was a little t-shirt:079I left off binding around the neckhole because I wanted to make sure it would stretch over the little guy’s head easily. I worked this up without a pattern, and I hope it fits him! He’s quite tiny, so I think it will.

Next, I made a little friend for him:075One often hears about “a boy and his dog” and I’ve often thought of seals of the dogs of the sea, so here’s a seal for the little lad! I used Simplicity pattern 1298 and worked it up in bright acrylic felt, so it’s sturdy and totally washable.

Finally, I made a little quilted blanket out of flannel:070This is actually my first attempt at quilting, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I sewed 9 squares together for the front and used solid green for the backing. I skipped binding in favor of a clean edge (full disclosure: This was mostly a time saver, rather than a design feature). Instead I sewed close to the edge. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the quilting, but I sewed a cross through both layers at each join of the front pieces. And to make it personal, I hand-appliqued the baby’s first initial, using the same flannel as the backing. I LOVE this blankie, and I think it may become a staple in my baby-gift arsenal!

All together, there’s not cohesive color or style, except cute!082I really hope the little one likes them 🙂