The Kind That You [Make From] a Second-hand Store

Hello everyone!purple cone flowers :)

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing recently, largely because I’m working at a summer camp teaching machine sewing. It’s given me a lot of confidence and inspiration, as well as knowledge. You never really get to know something as well as when you teach it, right?

This week, I made a fun dress out of sheets I got a second hand store. Not exactly a raspberry beret, but raspberry dresses are more my style!DSCN2555The dress is a full circle skirt, attached to a waist-band and then I added a cowl necked bodice. This dress had a lot of firsts for me. I’ve never successfully done a circle skirt, for one. I also drafted a pattern for the cowl rather than just winging it. I looked a several online tutorials and went for it, and it worked beautifully! I can’t wait to make more!

I love this dress so much that I’ve already worn it out twice: Once to visit Chanticleer Gardens, which a beautifully spectacular. Even the restrooms are gorgeous…Sorry it's a bit blurry...But I also wore it to a swing dance. I mean, full circle skirt? How could I not?!swing danceSee? Look how prettily it spins!

So this project was a complete success, and I learned a lot. It was intimidating to start, but I’m so glad I did.

Have any of you recently (or not so recently) tackled a new sewing skill?

ps: Bonus pictures of the gardens 🙂DSCN2496 DSCN2528


Felt Squees

This week, I took a break from practical sewing to make some completely adorable, totally frivolous things. Specifically, I made little stuffed animals out of felt, but they turned out so gosh darn cute I call them felt squees. It’s a sort of onomatopoeia of the reaction they inspire.

See if you can look at them without squeeing!

Mr. Bear just wants love!I wonder what he's thinking?Foxy-loxy!Now I love these little guys so much that I couldn’t stop playing around while taking pictures. See what I mean:foxbun“Oh, no! Look behind you, Mr. Bunny! Mr. Fox is watching you!”

Honestly, though, my felt fox looks so sweet, I don’t think he actually would eat a bunny. I think he probably prefers dewdrops and teasel pie!

bear2It looks cloudy today! Good thing Mr. Bear found a nice leaf to shelter under so he stays dry if it rains. Wait…who else do we know who uses a leaf for an umbrella?

totoro1That’s right! It’s our neighbor, elusive forest creature, Totoro!totoro2These guys were all super easy to make, as they’re just two layers sewn together. Without a base, they don’t really stand up, but have a simplicity I enjoy. They’re also super addictive. As you may be able to tell 🙂

Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of cute ^.^

One Stripe, Two Stripe; Red Stripe, Blue Stripe

Hello everyone!

Last week I shared some snapshots from my Fourth of July festivities, including a peak of a new dress! Here’s the whole thing!use3And here’s how I styled it:use1The making of this dress was actually a bit of trial. Not because it was a particularly difficult pattern. I just used a shift dress pattern I drafted ages ago and use all the time. And it wasn’t hard finding the fabric.use4 I scooped this stretchy stripe up at a rummage sale for 50 cents, and was pleased to find it washed well, had no holes, and was easy to work with. So it wasn’t the pattern, and it wasn’t the fabric. Then what possibly could have made this a tricky sew?

This guy:use5As soon as I started laying out this dress, Mr. Luna Tic hopped right up and claimed this project for his own. I’d shoo him down, and he’d jump right back up. Look at him! It’s like he’s saying “Oh? So ya wanna make a dress? Well, you’re gonna haf ta’ go through me first!”use6Eventually, though, I triumphed! See that little bit of ribbon in the picture above? Turns out this tough tabby is a sucker for it! A few minutes of play had him distracted and tired and he was content to slink off and take a nap, leaving me to sew in peace.

Victory was mine! And victory is especially sweet when the prize is a cute new dress 🙂

Coordinated Festivities!

So this past weekend was the fourth of July: Independence day!

And I like themes and color schemes far more than I care to admit. But I guess I just have to admit it, because here’s a short recap of all the red-white-and blue that crept into my life this weekend:015First, I painted my nails! I rarely ever paint them because it never lasts (they’re chipping further as I type this…) but went for it anyway.002Then, I made brunch, with color coordinated place settings and flower arrangement.003I even put red and blue sprinkles in the pancakes!see my sneaky painted toes?I also wore red, white, and blue. I’ll share more about the making of this dress next week!009

To cap it all off, I baked a flag cake! It’s the third time I’ve made it, and there are still some things that need improving (taking the time to even off all the layers, for one), but it was delicious! 012 011

Also, this weekend can’t be wrapped out without a shout-out to the US Women’s World Cup team! You go, ladies!

I hope everyone else’s weekend, whether you celebrated or not, was lovely!