Old-fashioned Waffle Sunday!

Hello everyone!

002I had a verrrry long week. Monday felt like Thursday, and it just wore on from then. So this morning, I decided to treat myself!

014Waffles with sugared strawberries, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream!011I used my favorite recipe, from my 1950’s era Better Homes and Garden cookbook. The recipe is called “Everyday Waffles,” but I save it for special occasions because it takes a little bit of time. To make these waffles, you separate the eggs, then whip the whites into stiff peaks and fold them into the batter. It’s totally worth it, though, because that extra step makes the finished waffles both crisp and light!019All in all, it was the perfect way to end the weekend, and I’m pretty sure the one left-over waffle will get me off to a much better start for this coming week!


Springtime is for Cake!

Bleeding Heart!With the coming of May, I feel like spring has truly sprung! Daffodils and dandelions and viburnum and tulips and LEAVES! And bright green grass and bleeding heart and primroses and pansies!

Also, my sister! Little sis’ has had the time of her life studying abroad the past four months, but she comes home tonight, so I baked a cake to celebrate!"Happy Welcome Birthday Home": coming soon to a Halmark near you!While she was abroad, she celebrated a birthday, but as I wasn’t there, I decided it didn’t count and included the birthday sentiment alongside the welcome home sentiment.

Note the attempt at ombre up the sides...I chose sky blue and white as the frosting colors to match the spring sky, with its bright clouds and clear sunshine! And then scroll work around the sides for joy!

Underneath the frosting is a rich chocolate cake that keeps the buttercream frosting from being unbearably sweet. Overall, it’s a delicious combo, and I’m happy about how pretty the whole project turned out!

May your spring be as full of happiness and home as mine is!054