Coloring Pages: fun for all ages!

Something about the springtime makes me regress to childhood. And when I think of childhood, I think of skipping rope and sidewalk chalk and coloring books. These days, I only use jump ropes warming up at the gym, and I don’t know the last time I got down on my knees with a box of chalk. But I do still color! Only now, I make my own coloring pages!

Here are three I drew today. If you want to get in touch with your inner child, feel free to print them out and color them yourself!

A birthday cake, with room to add a name!

cakeA forest-dwelling hedgehog, surrounded by spring flora!

hedgehogAnd a tribute to the upcoming county fair season! Fry all the food!

SCN_0002So grab your crayons, colored pencils, even watercolors, and have at it 🙂


My Current Obsession

Hello there!

Anyone else ever find a tutorial, try it out, and then go overboard? You know, make the same thing over and over again? Play with variations and material combinations and such, until you finally come to and realize you have no idea what to do with all the things?

Just me? It can’t be just me…

030In my case, I’ve been trying to wear more rings, because my fingers need adornment! The problem is that I don’t own many rings. So I decided to look up some tutorials. I found this one on pintrest, but there are dozens more giving just about the same directions. It was super easy. Maybe too easy…

032I quickly ran out of fingers!

034My first attempts were a bit wonky, but I soon got the hang of it, and have been busy ever since. I’ve even gone a bit beyond the tutorial, using different shaped focal beads and extending the wire wrapping, like with this turquoise ring:028

So tell me I’m not the only one. Are there any projects you’ve obsessed over?


Blogs I Love: Pinstrosity

Just another quick post – I promise I’ll have a full length one on Sunday.Picture1But for now, I wanted to share one my favorite blogs: This lovely blog is run by a trio of crafty ladies who feature their own crafts, as well as crafts and stories submitted by readers. My favorite thing about pinstrosity is the way they “keep it real,” sharing humorous failures, and not just perfectly presented projects.

I also really like their monthly challenges. I’ve never participated in any challenge, by pinstrosity or anyone else, but last month’s struck a cord: Spring crafts! I’ve already shared some of my spring crafts with you all here, but I decided I’d submit them to pinstrosity for the monthly challenge. compressed pieEarlier this week, the pinstrosity gals did a round up of submissions, and my whoopie pies and sugar scrub were included!

Head on over and check out all the cool crafts in the round up!