Seattle Sights

I mentioned in my last post that I traveled to Seattle over the New Year, and hinted that I was going to share more. And guess what! That’s exactly what I’m going to do!

Now, with less than a week in the city, I had to decide what to do. Of course I saw the typical attractions:

Pike Place MarkePike Place Market at sunset the Space NeedleSpace Needle and EMP museum and the Seattle AquariumThe Seattle Aquarium

I also checked out some lesser-known attractions:

The Olympia Sculpture Garden199 the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum164 and that random Starbucks of no real significance226

But what I was most excited about were the craft shops! In and around Pike Place Market and throughout downtown, there were so many shops that featured local artists or sold yummy fabric and yarn. I was traveling out of a carry-on, so souvenir-space was limited, but I want to share what I bought and then mention some other shops I would’ve liked to pick up and take on the plane with me.

The first place I visited was a yarn shop called So Much Yarn. It’s a wonderful shop in Pike Place Market with windows overlooking Eliot Bay and bins and baskets and cubbyholes overflowing with sumptous yarns. I was looking to buy locally made or dyed yarn, and while the store had a lovely selection, all the really local yarn was sock yarn. Which is wonderful, but not my cup of tea. However, I found a wonderful superwash merino by Madeline Tosh.y1I wasn’t able to photograph the color very well, but it’s called Tart, which is its own recommendation! It’s a beautiful subtly variegated yarn, kind of like the inside of a berry tart. Besides having a wonderful selection of yarn, I found the employees of So Much Yarn to be friendly, helpful, and capable. They created a friendly atmosphere inside the store, and I comfortably chatted with several other knitters perusing the store.

Another store in Pike’s Place was Ventures. It carries all sorts of art, jewelry, and home decor, all produced by artists in and around Seattle. I actually stopped by this place several times during my trip, and it seemed every time I discovered something new tucked away in another corner. I ended up buying dichromatic glass earrings made by Snoqualmie Glass.e5Due to the nature of the glass, these look different from every angle and with different lights. I love them! They are misty, like Seattle, but there are flashes of gold and red, which also remind of Seattle, and particularly the neon and incandescence of Pike Place Market.

Other excellent places to check out are Undercover Quilts, a unique quilting and fabric shop in downtown Seattle. Not only does this shop have an extensive range of fabrics, it has some of the best quilt kits I’ve ever seen. I wanted it all, and I’m not even much of a quilter!

I also loved Diva Dollz in Pioneer Square. Definitely a specialty shop, it carries a wonderful selection of 40’s and 50’s inspired fashion, shoes, and accessories. Like So Much Yarn, the staff was definite perk in this store – in addition to gorgeous merchandise.

So there’s a taste of Seattle for you craft-inclined folks. I’m sure there were places I missed, and there were definitely places I saw and forgot to jot the name of but still loved. If you’re ever in Seattle, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!171


Back in the Saddle

Sorry, but I’ve noticed I haven’t posted since last year. Actually, I didn’t just notice, but it’s taken me this long to do something about it. There are two big reasons why you haven’t heard from me.

1. The holidays! I celebrate Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years, and that’s a lot of work. Plus, someone was not as helpful as he may have thought he was during the un-decorating process…

Who, me?

“What?” thinks Mr. Luna Tic, “Is she referring to me?!”

"She couldn't possibly mean me!"

“She couldn’t possibly mean me!”

2. I was in Seattle forĀ  a friend’s wedding!004It was super fun, and wonderful to see my friends’ love declared for all of us witnesses, but it was also exhausting. Still, I managed to find some crafty and inspirational places, and will share them in my next post!

Hope everyone else has made it through the first two weeks of this new year!