George Washington’s Pie

Hello! In honor of autumn and apples and foggy mornings followed by crisp afternoons, I baked an apple pie. But!IMG_1161

Not just any apple pie.IMG_1153

This apple pie is inspired by one that George Washington ate! …let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I took a tour of Peter Wentz Farmstead, which is a small farmstead near Valley Forge. It is steeped in small-town history and has ties to the American Revolution. (I’m a sucker for historical societies and properties). The whole place is amazing and has been restored beautifully, but when we got to the kitchen, I asked about the display of (artificial) food on the table. There were cabbages, onions, loaves of bread, some cuts of meat, and a pie. Turns out these were the foods from a bill of sale from the farmstead to General George Washington!IMG_1156

But it was the pie that caught my eye. While it was a fake pie, it had a unique lattice top I hadn’t seen before, and I just had to try and replicate it. The lattice was cut with a fancy edge and then each strip was twisted as it spanned the filling! (The lattice, technically, wasn’t lattice, as the strips didn’t over-under.)IMG_1157

Having tried it myself, I understand why. The twists make weaving darn near impossible. But if you like flaky, crisp tops to your pie, try this method! It’s easy, looks impressive, and the lattice bakes so nicely!IMG_1159And delicious, topped with vanilla ice cream!