Baby in Blue

Tomorrow I’m heading on the road to visit a dear friend of mine who is expecting her first baby! As I’ve been planning my trip, I’ve been knitting like mad and thought I’d show you all the end result!


I used a poly-cotton blend by Premier Home and was happy with it. As with most cotton yarns, it shed a bit as I worked, but not too bad. The pattern I used was Bernat Softee Baby Kimono and it worked wonderfully. Instructions for joining with the ties were a little vague, but I figured it out 🙂

Here’s a close up of the adorable ties:

They're made of i-cord. I adore knitting i-cord!

They’re made of i-cord. I adore knitting i-cord!

And finally, here’s a shot of the sweater half open. The left front ties in on the inside, then the left front crosses over to tie outside.


I think my friend, and her baby-to-be, will really like it 🙂



Bridesmade Work-in-Progress


010 (2)

Last week I shared my fabric and pattern. I got a lot done this week, but I’ll let the pictures take the place of my usual thousand words: See for yourself!

I have the top and bottom halves all sewn!

I have the top and bottom halves all sewn!

Detail of the front pleats

Detail of the front pleats

And the back pleats!

And the back pleats!

So all that’s left to do is sew the top to the bottom, put in the zipper, top-stitch the lining, see about adding extra bust darts, hem it, and…that’s a lot.

Possibly panicking now…


Blissful Bridesmade

001Over a year ago, I was awarded one of the greatest honors of a friendship and asked to be a bridesmaid for a dear friend of mine. She’ll be married in just over a month, so I figured it was time to finally get started on a dress. No time like the last minute, eh? This wonderful friend also happens to be very relaxed about the aesthetics of the ceremony; it’s set to be quite fun and informal. She left it up to me and the other bridesmaid to pick whatever dresses we liked.

My fellow bridesmaid bought a lovely vintage dress off – 50’s styled and in an abstract floral print. In an effort to coordinate, we traipsed off to Jo-Ann’s so we could coordinate. See, I’m planning on sewing my own dress and being a bridesmade.

I picked up McCall’s pattern M6745, and am using dress version C.006 - Copy

And here’s the fabric! For the body, a batik by Legacy Studio; for the tie and piping, a teal quilting cotton; and for the lining, an off-white muslin.


I’m super excited to make this dress, and to take part in such a meaningful part of my friend’s life. I’ll keep you all updated with my progress!