Robes for Summer

Sorry for missing a post last week! I was so busy crafting, I didn’t have time to document it. And what was it, you ask, that kept me so busy? A Father’s Day present, of course!007

I made myself a summer-weight robe last summer out of a bed sheet I found left at a Jimmy Buffet concert. Is there anything more summer than that?

My robe, with koi painted on the back

My robe, with koi painted on the back

But my dad’s been super jealous of it, as all he has is a fleece robe: not exactly fit for 80 degree weather, eh?

Detail of embroidered pocket

Detail of embroidered pocket

I didn’t have any more orphaned sheets, so I went to Joann’s and picked up 3 yards of a lovely olive linen and used his existing robe as a pattern to make this cool beauty! I did a much nicer job with his than with mine. I sewed with French seams and everything! And I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

Here's the finished robe!

Here’s the finished robe!

And just for my daddy, I painted a moose head on the back! I gave it to him Sunday and he’s worn it every evening since.



Bow to the Cat!

So I have this lovely stripey orange cat named Mr. Luna Tic. You may have seen him lurking in some of my other posts (bonus if you can tell me a post with him in it!). But I decided to spiff him up a bit and sewed him a bow tie!ImageI had to wake him up to put it on, so he’s a little grumpy, but I think he likes it! He’s worn it for a while without any complaints. ImageI neglected to take any photos of the creation, but it was pretty straightforward. I sewed two squares of fabric together then flipped inside out and pressed. I then cinched the middle and sewed another strip of fabric around it, loose enough to slip onto his collar. And voila! Snazzy cat!