Blog Musing

I’ve always enjoyed reading other people’s blogs. Reading them, getting inspired, making things. And eventually I thought I should give it a try. Try writing my own blog, sharing what I’ve made and helping others craft and create.

But I keep running into a problem. I don’t naturally document things. I don’t have twitter, or instagram. My phone doesn’t even connect to the internet, and I rarely post on social media. My first instinct is to share with those immediately around me, irl. To then share with a wider audience just isn’t obvious to me. And this applies to crafts especially. I’ve lost count of projects that I’ve finished, only to think, “Gee, I should have taken pictures for my blog!” This is especially problematic when I’ve made something original, something that would make a great tutorial. And then I’m faced with recreating the craft while taking photos. It’s something I’m getting better at, but slowly.

So if you’re following me, have patience. I’m slowly getting better. And I’m making an early New Years resolution: to document my life. I hope if I aim to over-capture my life, I will end up in the habit of capturing enough that is worthy to share. And with that, here are some things I’ve made, both my own and based on tutorials I love from other bloggers. Taking pictures of the final projects is just a start. Before I know it, I’ll instinctively document the process! (fingers crossed….)


This cute kitty is a project I’m planning a tutorial on! I love my rag-doll cats; they’re super fun and super addictive >^.^<


My personal take on bottle cap earrings. Another project for which I hope to do a tutorial.


And finally, soda can butterflies. For these, I was inspired by this post:

So I have some good documentation of finished products. On to the process pictures!